With our ENERGY SAVE Initiative, Energy of Illinois has homeowners covered as we fight COVID-19.


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How can I qualify to win one of these prizes?

*You must be a homeowner

*Participate in a 45-minute solar presentation with one of Energy of Illinois solar consultant


• The solar consultant will need a current electrical bill so that we can create a solar design.


• You will meet with your consultant via zoom for the 45-minute presentation


• If you like the presentation, please refer a family or friend to us for a free solar design


Energy of Illinois Inc is on a mission to educate homeowners in the Chicagoland area about how solar can help save up to 100% off electrical bills. We need 35 homeowners to participate in a 45-minute solar presentation between March 15- April 5th. Everyone will be registered to win a Samsung 75-inch TV, a $500.00 visa gift card, and a $750 southwest gift card. The winners will be announced on April 6th at 6:00 pm via zoom. If you are interested, please provide your information below and a representative will contact you shortly.

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Energy of Illinois delivers residential and commercial solar panels throughout the Chicagoland area. Solar power costs just a fraction of what you pay the utility company. Discover the savings and protect the environment—all in one fell swoop.

In an effort to help homeowners during these trying times, Energy of Illinois Inc has initiated “Energy Save” where we will cover your Electrical Bills for up to one year. Schedule your Free, No obligation, 100% Online Consultation to find out more.

Solar Solutions

When we talk about traditional energy companies, we inevitably make use of the term “utility company.” When you come to its meaning, however, that term is actually misleading, whether it’s ComEd or Peoples Energy we’re talking about. After all, these are for-profit companies. Perhaps even more notably, these so-called utility companies have not made the effort to become the sustainable suppliers we need them to be. By now, we all understand, throughout Chicagoland and beyond, the need to invest in sustainable business practices like solar installation is absolutely dire. It’s not a question of if, in other words—it’s a question of how.

Energy of Illinois knows how.

Commercial Solar

Energy of Illinois helps business owners choose between a wide selection of “on-grid” systems, considering efficiency, size, installation method, and color.

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Residential Solar

Residential solar panels generally take one or two days to install but the benefits last for many years to come, as you effectively protect the environment and save money while you’re at it.

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Solar Panel Installation

Because residential solar doesn’t typically require as much energy as commercial panels, Energy of Illinois’ installers will determine how much energy you need each month in order to deliver cost-effective solar panel installation.

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